Go for Camp WagonCon 2019

July 30, 2019, 11:57 a.m.

WagonCon, Inc.  A newly minted 501(c)3, proudly presents:


Camp WagonCon 2019!


With out further ado, here are the full details on Camp WagonCon!


Dates:  13 Sep (Friday) to 15 Sep (Sunday) 2019


Price: $40 per person (Badges go on Sale Sunday (4 August 2019)

* Includes camping spot, 4 meals, gaming, and memories for a lifetime!


Hard Limit: 35 people


Where: 4K Farms (Address provided upon purchase of ticket.)



* Gaming will be outdoors under tarps and large tents.  There will be lighting for the evening games.  

* As this is a much smaller gaming event, we will be much more loose about arranging this.  We will arrange events on a white board at the event.  

* Keep in mind it will be Friday the 13th and the weekend of a full moon.  Horror/scary themed games are encouraged!



* We have plenty of room for tents, pop-up trailers, and even RVs.

* If you choose not to camp with us, there are several hotels in the area.  Unfortunately, we won't be doing hotel blocks so you are on your own for this.

** Recommendations: Cousins Inn, Fairfield Inn, The Dalles Inn.



Camp WagonCon Food Menu

For the price of admission, Camp WagonCon will be offering 4 camping style meals cooked on site.



* On your own!

* There is a good chance we will have a grill, and some amenities setup for cooking if needed.



* Breakfast

-- Pancakes, bacon, turkey sausage, hot cereal bar

* Lunch

-- sandwiches, chips, salad, cookies 

* Dinner

-- Taco Bar

- Late Night Snack

-- S'mores



* Breakfast  

-- Pancakes, bacon, turkey sausage, hot cereal bar


Drink Service 

* Water, Coffee service, Ice Tea will be made available throughout the day.

* Other drinks are on you!


Vegetarian/Vegan Options

*If you are Vegetarian and/or Vegan we would need to know early to ensure we would have these options available for you.


Fire Danger Disclaimer:  If the fire danger is too high (or there are fires in the area) we will cancel the event.  If canceled all money will be refunded.